Photographer Dave Doncaster originates from West Wittering in West Sussex.

His love of photography came during working for

businesses that didn’t use professional photographs on their websites, stationery or merchandise.

He decided to learn how to make the most of what he had and improve what his current employers already had.

After becoming a business consultant, one of his strongest recommendations was to tell his clients to get hold of professional photographers and let them do what they do best.

“You are good at what you do, so let someone else do what they are good at too”



Photograph courtesy of Jane from The Dorset Meat Co.

Dave moved from London, where he was

Logistic Manager for the Royal London Hospital,

to Dorset in 2010 to be permanently with his fiancée Donna.

His love of the Dorset scenery, as well as the food & drink scene, soon made him want to improve some producers’ websites with

his photography.

He is still giving business advice to many that he also photographs for, as it is a natural flow of their process and improvement. With this in mind, Dave created DiaMonD Images and photographed many products for producers

from both Dorset & London.

He then liked photographing events because of its impulsiveness. Over the last couple of years, he has branched out into the food & drink world.

He is often seen at many events in the Dorset area, either as the event photographer or just attending.

Dave’s recently being shooting a lot more event photography outside of the Dorset area.

DiaMonD Images will take on most types of photographic work except weddings. He has recently been photographing pets, adult & baby portraits, commercial, engagements, birthdays and commissioned work. This is additional to his main food, product & event photography.


If you wish to see some of Dave’s work, then please feel free to view more of this website

You will be able to read many testimonials for all types of his work.

His charging structure is different to many other photographers, so please do contact him to discuss this further