“Dave, being the persistent soul he is,

kept on at us when we saw him at various events because he was

concerned our website was not showing our products off properly.

We have to admit he had some great ideas about promoting our range. So we set aside a budget and hired Dave to photograph our products”

“Turns out we couldn’t afford

not to do it!

With the new photos and advice from Dave we transformed our website’s look and image into what is now an organised online shop, promoting our range to the highest level. We have used his photos with other on-line promotions and our sales have increased”

"We met Dave at several different

Dorset Food & Drink events.

He approached us about doing a

photo shoot with our products.

We have to say at first we were hesitant, thinking about cost etc, as a new company every pound counts and we were not sure we could afford to commit to Dave"

"With his eye for detail Dave is a photographer we would highly recommend to anyone"

Andy & Lisa

Owners of Dorset Chilli Shop

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