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Thank you very much for taking

the time to read up about me.


My name is Dave Doncaster

(see photo below)

and I mainly photograph Food,

Events & Products in Dorset

and the surrounding counties.


If you are interested in any other

form of photography, please do feel

free to contact me to discuss

Photograph courtesy of Jane from Goldhill Organics


I can be seen at most of the events I am photographing with my stall

(see photo above)

My lovely partner Donna has been

managing it for me whilst I have been

covering the events .Please do feel free

to pop by and have a chat with her,

she does like to talk.

I am very proud of living

and working in Dorset.


For this reason, I have become an endorser of Dorset Food & Drink


I strongly believe that we can benefit from helping each other. It is great seeing so much produce grown in Dorset and then turned in to products that we can all be so proud of.

I have been very fortunate to be

part of some of these producers documenting their progress.


Please help support them

by buying local.